International Self-Care Day

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The Global Self-Care Federation (GSCF) is putting the spotlight on the benefits of self-care ahead of and beyond WHO’s Self-Care Month (June 24th – July 24th) and International Self-Care Day July 24th – two key annual advocacy milestones. 
GSCF’s 2022 International Self-Care Day campaign builds on the #SelfCarePromise theme, encouraging everyone to make and share their personal commitment to embrace a specific self-care action. This year, we are specifically focusing on the topic of resilience.  

Self-care is any action that an individual takes to look after their own health, based on the knowledge and information available to them. This practice can also occur in collaboration with healthcare professionals when needed. Actively managing your own health and well-being through self-care has numerous benefits, including better choice between healthcare options, better care for individual wellbeing and better value for governments and health systems worldwide. 

We can’t build back from the pandemic without engaging in positive and consistent self-care practices. That’s why this year’s theme of resilience asks you to take the lessons you’ve learnt from COVID-19 and make a new commitment in support of global self-care actions. Together we can amplify our voice as we demand change that would empower individuals and raise awareness for better health outcomes.

Last year we motivated a thousand people to join us in sharing their Self-Care Promise on what they would do that year to better look after themselves, their communities and their health systems. People from all around the world rallied together and helped us build a real community. But the work does not stop here, to make real change we need to strengthen policy frameworks to ensure they fully support self-care.  

There are still many promises to be made and we hope you will join us on this journey. Check out the campaign website and make your own self-care promise now!

Judy Stenmark, Director General of the GSCF, shares her self-care promise and calls on others to join her in committing to a pledge for a healthier tomorrow.

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